I get frequent calls from companies that never thought they would be audited or just did not expect an audit at the time.

So what do you do when you get the call?

Well first, don't panic. The government or your prime contractor is just following protocol to ensure they are either getting a fair price or that you are capable of performing under the contract.

Or maybe you ticked someone off.  But not very common, lol.

But whatever the reason the key is to be as prepared as possible.

First, make sure you have enough time to prepare. If an auditor wants to come in today or tomorrow and you know you can't be ready then call them and let them know.

Your response should be something to this effect:

"Due to current workload and availability of key people I am not able to meet your requested date. We can meet at anytime convenient for you after ________. Please let us know what time of the day is best for you on a date of your choosing after __________.

Please provide us with a list of what you would like us to provide and we will do our best to provide as much as we can to expedite your efforts.

Rest assured we only want to cooperate fully."

Next, once you receive a list or get an idea of what Specifically they are reviewing, you will be better able to respond.

Plan on responding to each item they request even if the response is "does not apply", "do not have available at the time", "do not have the information", etc.

This is your opportunity to let them know you are realistic about where you are currently, but you are committed to getting where you need to be.

So remember to give yourself enough time to prepare for any audit. Then get your inside or outside troops together and begin gathering information as requested.

For anything you are not quite sure of then don't hesitate to call the auditor back for clarification.

Finally, if you are still uncomfortable, then get advice from a specialist in your location. Contact your local SBA district or SCORE representative and see if any of them can help.  

And don't forget to browse/search this community for free content that may be of assistance.  

I believe there is nothing that can't be addressed and resolved with the right attitude and commitment. Do you?